Question & Answer

How is rating calculated?

Rating is calculated by various factors
1st. Based on comments & reviews by users
2nd. Based on our team scan and test

If you rate casino high trust or very safe does that means i am totaly safe?

No! Our rating is a guide. We try our best to provide an accurate and measured rating but you also need to know that companies can still change hands, go out of business or use very under-handed techniques to pretend or hide their real identity. We can’t catch and report every single site every single time… (not yet anyway!).

Who is behind ?

Young & Dedicated team of experts in this area who give support and help about Online Casino Gaming.

I have been scammed, now what?

1st. Contact the company by which you paid or made deposit.
2nd. ask for refund
3rd. Also, leave a review on CasinosUpdate about that X- Casino Game , casino, provider or payment gateway , this way you will help others not to get scammed too!

how to get trust certificate by ?

Feel free to contact us on e-mail : and we will explain the procedure.

How i can become partner?

If you require to become partner with contact us on this e-mail:

How i can open topic or reply ?

You need to sign up than login and feel free to post or reply on comments.

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