Online Slots – Can You Outsmart The Computer?

Unlike blackjack or poker, in slots it’s almost useless to create strategies because you can hardly impact the outcome. Although this fact is well known among the players, online slots seem to keep rating high in popularity simply because people love to play them. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as you play responsibly.  If you approach playing slots as a chance to solve your financial issues overnight, the chances are you’ll end up disappointed. However, bearing few things in mind, you can increase your chances of winning, or at least enrich the playing experience.

Keep it fun

When playing online slots always keep in mind to keep it fun and cool. Don’t fall into the trap thinking that the computer will react to your play or that you can count on some rules of fairness. This can easily ruin your mood and the overall experience of fun that you came to play for in the first place.

Learn the parameters of randomness

Each spin in online slots is random, but there are parameters of payouts based on a set of protocols and the casino has no influence on the outcome. These protocols, set by the software developers, suggest the variance of payments which you can learn after spending some time playing an online slot game.

Slots with high variance pay out less frequently but the win comes along with a large sum. Slots with lower variance are more generous in terms of frequent wins, but with smaller sums. The trick here is to learn these parameters and weigh up the risk against the potential win.

Try to hit the right timing

Just to stay clear – nobody can tell you the right timing for playing online slots for a sure win. The fact of randomness as well as the fact that you’re competing against a machine suggest that you can’t count on the odds. However, there are times which are better for playing slots compared to others.

For example, games with guaranteed daily jackpots must reward a win by the end of the day or before a specified time of the night. So, playing slots when the countdown clock is hitting 20 minutes to the end of a daily jackpot is different from playing with no idea when the win is unspecified.

Do your research

Learn about the game before playing, on and off the online casino site. Read the feedback from expert players on casino review sites. This way you’ll learn a lot about the stakes, the parameters and the frequency of jackpots that you can expect, and to create a strategy that will improve your playing experience.

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