Online Casino Games Playbook

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing sector in the entertainment industry. And all because online casino games have taken the play to a whole new level. They have become an entertainment option just like any other game, rather than just a way to earn some money. Online casino games are now accessible to all, anywhere and anytime. They are also safe, that’s why millions of players are joining online casinos every day. However, before you sign up for the fun and thrill of trying your luck at online casino games, you need to make sure that you know what you’re doing.

How to do well at online casino games

Even though we are talking about games, we are sure that you’ll want to end up on the winning side. After all, in online casino games there are real money involved. Now, we are not saying we can teach you how to win every time. But you can follow a few tips that can increase your chances of winning at these games. Here’s what you should be aware of in order to have satisfying playing experience:

  1. Security

Always read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies before you sign up to join the game. Then check if the site is digitally encrypted. Although they seem boring and time-consuming, these aspects can be real game-changers in your online gambling endeavor. First of all, there you will find out if your personal data is stored safely. Next, you’ll read about your rights and obligations which will be very important to you later in the process. Like terms of withdrawal of money after you win, for example. See? VERY important.

  1. Casino software

Online casinos are based on software and the quality of technology associated with it directly affects your playing experience. There are many types of platforms available now: download casinos, instant play, and mobile casinos. In order to play at the first type of casinos, you need to download the software first and install it on your computer. In instant play casinos, as the name suggests, you can instantly play through your usual web browser without downloading it. Mobile casinos give you the ability to play your favorite casino games on your mobile device. Each mobile casino is different, but most of the operators make their games compatible on both Android and iOS platform.

  1. Deposit methods

Depositing at online casinos is very easy and quick. However, before you join an online casino, check what forms of payments and currency are accepted as the company may operate from a foreign country. Also, check if they offer credit and/or debit cards, bank transfers, online payments through e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies as an option for depositing your money. While some casinos only offer to deposit, others also allow you to withdraw your winnings back to your deposit method.

  1. Withdrawing from online casino games

After playing online casino games, the final (and very important) step of your gaming experience is making a withdrawal. Just like deposits, withdrawals can be usually made through e-wallets, credit or debit cards, and bank transfer. Some casinos provide an option of withdrawing money through cheques, but they are one of the slowest withdrawal methods available.

  1. Choose your online casino games wisely  

Always focus on the games that you really enjoy playing. Try to learn their rules and tricks as much as possible. In general, you can choose from these online casino games:

  • Online slots: you can find them in almost every online casino. And they work exactly as you’ve experienced them in land-based casinos. You place your bet and then pull a virtual lever. When they come to rest, the images on them line up and different configurations of images result in different prize payouts.
  • Video poker: the aim is to assemble the most powerful poker hand that you can. After you place a bet the machine deals you five cards. If you see cards that you want to keep holding you should press the buttons under them.
  • Roulette: the King of Casino Games, based on pure chance, looks and works the same way as we all know it in real life. Moreover, at some casinos you can play both digital roulette and real roulette via live stream. There’s a wheel with numbered slots on its inside ring which is colored red or black. You place your bet on the number you think will come up. The dealer spins the wheels and drops a silver ball into the wheel, which bounces around as the wheel slows down until it stops in one of the slots.
  • Blackjack: the main objective of the game is to draw playing cards whose face value adds up to 21. You will get two cards and can get more until you go bust (with total value above 21) or decide to stick.
  • Craps: in this game you roll a pair of dice and try to hit a 7 or an 11 to win. Meanwhile, the players place bets whether you will succeed or not. If the dice shows a 2, 3, or 12 then it is crap and you will lose the round.
  • Baccarat: the goal is to draw a card hand whose face value is as close to 9 as possible. If you draw 2 cards and add their value, and if it’s 10 or higher, then the first digit will be disregarded and you play this game against the dealer.
  1. Know your strategy

You already know that in gambling the odds are always against you. Luck is definitely a major factor here, but there are several games that include pure strategies and skills. So, always prepare a strategy before before you start to play. Know how to approach the game, when to change that approach, and when to exit. If you are focusing on two games, then try to choose one with a low jackpot and the other with a high jackpot. This will help you to balance the risk. Before you opt for any game, check out the rules and adopt your strategies accordingly.

  1. Make use of freebies

The good thing about online casino games is that they frequently throw up offers, gifts, bonuses and promotions to lure you in. They come in forms of free spins, sign-up or welcome bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and other exclusive offers. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to use them since there’s no catch here. They can only help you to learn more about the games of your choice. And to win something, too, if you’re lucky.

When you start playing online casino games, you will probably get a welcome bonus first. Then, you will get no deposit bonus which will allow you to try out a game for free. If you like the game and keep playing, there’s a chance that you’ll receive monthly and reload bonuses for being loyal to the gameplay. Some casinos also offer special bonuses based on using a specific payment method for depositing. If you like to gamble big some casinos will offer you a bonus that is better suited for big deposits. You can also get a referral bonus that you will get by referring a game to your friends and family. The more you refer, the more bonus you will earn.

  1. Know when to stop 

Gambling with real money is always fun if you are winning, but you must be prepared for the chance to lose. That’s why you should only use money that you can afford to lose. Never gamble on borrowed money. Set the gambling budget before you start playing.  This way you can avoid overspending and going out of your comfort zone. Online gambling is definitely exciting and fun but if you are overdoing it then it is going to drain all your money. Then, there’s a chance to get addicted to it for the wrong reasons – to try to win back the lost money. Therefore, always play responsibly and be ready to stop when everything is going out of control.

  1. Enjoy your game! 

As in all games, you should enjoy the process in online casino games, too. If you are stressed, you’ll not be able to give your best, which may result in silly mistakes and recklessness.

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