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There are many reputable online casinos out there, but unfortunately many are scam. The scams usually occur during payout time. And sometimes, during the actual games, with the dealers pulling fraudulent moves.

When it comes to the payout time scams, reports say that when the victims want to cash out their winnings are often:

1. Locked out of the system, with frozen accounts.

2. Over-charged for the withdrawal, sometimes even with a fee as high as 1/4 of the sum.

3. Deprived of the payout funds, which they never receive.

We have developed a very complex algorithm that automatically scans a site for its authenticity. This is done by analyzing various factors. These include the technical set up of a site, customer feedback from across the internet (both positive and negative reviews).

Also, we try to identify the actual location of the business, quality or absence of the contact details and many more factors that can show if a site is safe or a scam.

We post our research about casinos as a guide for you and it depends on various factors.

Here are few checks that we do if an online casino is a scam:
– Checking all social networks review
– Checking scam advise websites
– Check forums
– Check all comments for the casino game , casino, provider or payment terminal

Additionally, we personally make investments to check the legitimacy of all the casinos that we partner with on our site. We have a team of players who dedicate their time and experience in thoroughly testing the games. After the testing and evaluation we grade the casinos, the games and the providers.

However, different players have different experiences. Also, the casinos sometimes change their terms, so the experiences vary. Therefore, we give the opportunity to all our site visitors to share their story about the casino they have tried.

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